ordering & receiving


Minimum Order Requirements:

  • Opening Order: $750
  • Independent Online Retailer Opening Order: $750 (online only accounts)
  • Existing Account Reorder: $250
  • International Orders: $2,500
  • International Reorders: $250



How do I place my Mud Pie Order?

Mud Pie orders can be placed 3 different ways:

  1. Through your Territory Manager
  2. Online at https://wholesale.mudpie.com
  3. Directly through Customer Experience at 1.800.998.1633


What important numbers should I note to reference when receiving my order?

Important numbers to note, as they will be referenced on all receiving paperwork:

1) The Purchase Order Number (This is the unique name the retailer gives the order, Example: SPRING24HOME.)

2) The Order Number (This is the unique order number assigned by Mud Pie, Example: SO00012345.)

3) The PD Number (This is the unique processing number that will appear across ALL receiving documents: Shipping Manifest, Packing List, and Invoice.)


How will I know my Mud Pie order is processing?

Orders are eligible to be advanced for processing once the Requested Ship Date has been met. To review the status of an order, you will need to log into the Mud Pie wholesale portal at https://wholesale.mudpie.com.


Order Status and descriptions below:

1) Open: Order has not begun to process.

2) In Process: Order has been advanced to the warehouse to begin the picking, packing, and shipping process. Processing time can vary depending on the size of the order and time of year the order has been advanced for fulfillment.

3) Partially Confirmed: Order has invoiced and contains backordered items awaiting fulfillment.

4) Completed: Order is closed; no remaining lines to ship.


I have started to receive my order, now what?


Mud Pie ships as we process. This means you may receive your order across several days. Every day Mud Pie ships product from an order, you will receive a Shipping Manifest via email (Fun fact! Mud Pie is a paperless company). The purpose of the Shipping Manifest is to best provide you tracking, product, and pricing information so you can immediately accept product upon arrival.  Mud Pie suggests utilizing the Shipping Manifest to best accept FedEx/UPS Ground shipment orders.


How do I utilize the Shipping Manifest?


The subject line of the Shipping Manifest email will include the Order Number and the Purchase Order Number.


The Shipping Manifest document provides details of every carton shipped so you can best prepare and receive product upon arrival. This includes Tracking Numbers, Carton Numbers, and Carton Contents. You may receive multiple Shipping Manifests per order as Mud Pie ships as we process.


This means you may begin receiving product before the invoice posts to your account. To reference your specific prices, please utilize a copy of your order. Log in to your wholesale portal, then select MY ORDERS in your retailer dashboard. You can then view and/or print your order copy.


Example of Shipping Manifest and information to reference below:

*MSRP is 2 x the original wholesale price and is the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). Mud Pie encourages retailers to use this as a starting point and to price products according to their specific needs.


Carton Labels can be matched to their corresponding Shipping Manifests by referencing the Tracking Number. Carton Labels also include the Purchase Order Number and PD Number. 

What happens when my order has completed processing?

When the last carton leaves the Mud Pie distribution facility this triggers both the Packing List and the Invoice to be sent via email.



How do I utilize the Packing List?


The subject line of the Packing List email will include the Order Number and Invoice Number.


The Packing List is a summary of all items shipped against the Invoice. You may have already started to partially receive your order when the Packing List is emailed. Mud Pie suggests utilizing the Packing List to best accept pallet shipment orders. Example of Packing List and information to reference below:

How do I utilize the Invoice?


The subject line of the Invoice email will state Your Mud Pie Invoice.


The Invoice will reflect the Product Names, Product Numbers, and the Price charged for each item. The Invoice will also include any Freight Charges incurred on the order.


Example Invoice and information to reference below:

How do I claim a damage or a shortage?

All claims (damage/defective/shortage) should be submitted via your Retailer Portal. Sign into wholesale.mudpie.comà Select MY ACCOUNT in the top right corner à Navigate to MY DASHBOARD.


You can then submit a claim by selecting SUBMIT A CLAIM or by viewing an invoice and then selecting the dollar icon.

For any additional questions please call the Customer Experience Department Monday thru Friday 10:30am – 4:30pm EST at 1.800.998.1633.